Fairness Possible?

“How can you possibly stay objective while judging other fragrances vs your own?”

This is a question I get constantly asked since I announced the creation of my own fragrance brand. Here is my answer.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to do what I love for a living. YouTube has allowed me to focus on the fragrance industry in a way that I did not expect it would be possible.

As I think with many other influencers is the case, one has to naturally grow and evolve in one’s role. On my channel, you can follow me from my humble beginnings standing in the hallway of my former employers office to flying around the world and bring you the latest fragrance updates from everywhere.

My journey is exciting and because I don’t ever want to stop, I have to set myself new growth goals. In my personal situation I had to decide between two options, either work with one of the big brands as a paid ambassador or create an independent brand. As you can imagine, both scenarios have their own pros and cons but with the support of the fragrance community and especially the #fragrancearmy the choice was made pretty quickly.

My plan to start my own brand, does not mean that I will stop reviewing other fragrances and giving you the content you are used to. However, since I will have my own “dog in the race” some of you might feel like I will be less credible. And here is why, I have decided early on, that I will never include one of my fragrances in any ranking or “top” list. I will talk about my fragrance every once in a while but It will stand on it’s own. Think of it as if I was a restaurant critic who would start his own restaurant. I will still be reviewing :)

I hope this seems fair and I think I can keep my objectivity at the usual high level.

Let me know what you think in the comments and have a great day!