“My Journey through the world of fragrances continues and it will never stop”

- Jeremy Fragrance


The Alpha Male in the Office


Our Office Fragrance for Men.

Eau de Parfum


“The most referenced example of a fragrance influencer has to be Jeremy Fragrance” 

-Daily Nation


Jeremy Fragrance is the leading Fragrance Influencer with 790,000 subscribers on his main YouTube Channel (and another 130,000 on his German Channel), and 115,000 followers on Instagram.

“…partnering with Jeremy Fragrance could increase traffic to brand sites…”

- l2inc.com


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I’m excited to work with you on your next project. However, I will not accept any compensation to rank a fragrance in my recommendation lists. Any brand collaboration will be communicated to my audience in order to create an unbiased and transparent experience for my subscribers.


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